Waste Management

Lab Packing Services –

Lab Pack Removal 1DOVER’s field chemists are expert at recognizing, classifying, and appropriately packaging all your laboratory’s outdated chemicals securely and professionally. We comply with the all latest DOT and EPA guidelines, as well as state and federal regulations. All chemicals are packaged into the suitable shipping containers—with proper labeling, marking and documentation, and the transported to a final removal facility. We take care to follow all best practices for all lab packing. DOVER will also select packaging methods that maximize usable space and mitigate your costs.

On-site Waste Management Services

When you require continual laboratory management and removal, DOVER will produce a strategy to remove waste at pre-determined times that work best for your business. We will inspect your site, and prepare the appropriate paperwork/permit for review, so that your facility is always compliant with local, state & federal laws. DOVER delivers a complete solution to improve your collection proficiency.

Contaminated Soil Disposal

Excavating-contaminated-soilAs part of the process of contaminated soil disposal, our environmental scientist will determine what contaminants are present, and the level that the contamination exceeds state mandated standards. We will review the laboratory analytical data for the purpose of determining soil “Waste Classification” from a regulatory compliance standpoint.
The cost per-ton for transportation and disposal of the contaminated soil in connection with your remediation project will be determined. Our staff will coordinate the soil removal project from start to finish, including handling of all applicable document submissions, facility approvals and dump truck manifesting.

Drum Disposal

Waste Barrel RemovalWe will collect and remove drums from your site for:

  • Known Waste Streams
  • Unknown Waste Streams
  • Empty Contaminated Drums with residual hazardous materials

We will label each drum profile and manifest in accordance with DOT compliant transportation regulations.