Vacuum Truck Services


Vacuum Truck Services

When it comes to removal, handling or clean-up of solids, liquids, and slurries, Dover Environmental can save you time and money. Our powerful and efficient industrial vacuum equipment is designed to handle a full spectrum of our client’s vacuum needs, with state-of-the-art technology.

Proven Experience

Dover Environmental has years of vacuum loading experience in a wide range of industries. We are equipped to handle virtually any industrial vacuuming application, including:

Vacuum Truck

  • Refineries, Gas Processing Plants, drilling locations and production facilities, catalyst transfer and removal, cleaning sludge from storage tanks, abrasive removal after sandblasting, and waste sump cleaning.
  • Coal Fired Power Generating Stations: Removing fly ash, bottom ash sludge, bag house cleaning, with complete outage services.
  • Oil Field: Vacuum removal of all drilling mud and waste found in reserve pits. Oil field production tanks, reserve pits or flow back tanks.
  • Oil spill cleanup.
  • Other Industries: Paper mills, copper smelters, cement plants, water and sewage treatment plants and chemical plants.


Refineries, Compressor Stations, and all Oil Field applications: Vacuum fuel and crude oil from storage tanks. Transferring liquids from one vessel to another. Vacuuming of liquids with high LEL’s.
Other: Chemical and Ethanol plants.

The following services have proven valuable to our clients:

  • Clarifier/sump cleaning and maintenance
  • Car and truck wash clarifier/sump cleaning
  • Storage tank steam-cleaning and decontamination
  • Underground storage tank removal and pit dewatering
  • Underground storage tank cleaning
  • Portable storage tank cleaning and disposal
  • Construction dewatering for non-potable water
  • Hazardous materials spill clean-up and emergency spill response
  • Pumping of food grade sludge
  • Separator sludge
  • Wastewater management
  • Oily water
  • Non-hazardous water
  • Non-RCRA water

Liquid Vacuum

  • Used Oil Recovery
  • Waste Water Transportation
  • Excavation Dewatering

Oil Water Separator Maintenance

Oil Water Separator Services

Dover Environmental TRAINED TECHNICIANS ARE EQUIPPED TO MAINTAIN AND SERVICE ALL TYPES OF Oil Water Separators. Our technicians are trained in Confined Space Entry and OSHA compliance. Dover Environmental own vacuum trucks complement our Confined Space Entry Team insuring “one-call” service!

Dover Environmental will;

Vacuum all liquids, drum the solids, check high level alarms, pressure wash coalescer packs, steam clean and jet rod holding tanks and piping.

“Call Dover Environmental for all your Oil Water Separator Needs”

Water Jetting, Video Pip Inspection Services
High Pressure Water Jetting
Dover Environmental is equipped with the latest technology in high pressure water jetting and pipe cleaning equipment.

We work with your facility’s water or we can supply our own water trailers.

Support Services

Video pipe inspection and tank locating services are an integral part of our full-service approach to oil water separator maintenance programs.

Vessel Cleaning

Comprehensive Services for all Your Vessel Cleaning Needs
Vacuum Truck ServicesWhile vessel cleaning appears to be a straightforward proposition, it can be a complex undertaking with serious environmental risks and financial implications. Not only must tanks and other vessels be properly cleaned to adequately prepare for inspection and repair, it is also important to maintain containers to ensure maximum capacity and functionality.

Dover Environmental has the expertise and knowledge to safely and reliably perform a range of vessel cleaning services—including the removal of volatile compounds and elements, as well as high hazard chemicals from railcars, tank trailers, ISO containers, and more. We use specialized equipment and a wide range of treatments to ensure each vessel is safely and efficiently cleaned.

  • Railcar
  • Tank Trailer
  • ISO Container
  • Frac Tank Cleaning – Frac tanks are typically used for the temporary storage of water or other liquids, either during large-scale clean-up efforts or daily operations. Once the tank’s purpose is fulfilled, it is then necessary to remove the liquids, and clean the tank. Dover Environmental provides a full range of onsite frac tank services for up to and exceeding 25,000-gallon capacity tanks, including sampling and analysis of the water or contents to determine contamination levels. For contaminated contents, we take the appropriate steps to remove the liquid and transport it to an approved TSDF. Once empty, we then remove any mud, or remaining sludge and solids, and finally, pressure wash the interior.