Pre Demo Services

Pre Demo Services 2Dover Environmental Group, Inc. specializes in decontaminating buildings prior to demolition. We are licensed and equipped to handle all types of hazardous material and industrial waste streams. We provide full documentation and waste management plans. We can assist with submittal packages and work plans. Dover will keep you in compliance with city, state, or federal agencies. We will work with any oversight firm or regulatory agency that is present on your job site.

Some of the Technical Services and Waste Streams we manage for you are as follows:

  • Freon Recovery, roof top or window units, refrigerators, and freezer units.
  • Bulbs, ballasts, mercury containing devices, thermostats, and switches. Removed packaged and fully recycled.
  • Batteries standby generators and backups
  • Lab packs chemicals
  • Paints, soaps, and waxes
  • Elevator pit cleaning and all types of tank cleaning
  • Elevator cylinder removal hydraulic pumps and tanks
  • Emergency and exit signs
  • All types of drum and totes
  • Water treatment chemicals and systems
  • Lubricating oils
  • Bulk oil and filter media
  • Contaminated soils
  • Septic pumping and sanitary waste.
  • Grease traps
  • Bird waste
  • Electronic waste and all types of universal waste.
  • Confined space work or cleaning.
  • Decontaminate the building before they are destroyed, remove chemicals, bulbs, universal waste – in any type of property

Post bid consulting and Pre-bid estimating

Prior to winning the job, Dover will help with the specialty waste and industrial service estimating.

Post Bid Consulting

After the job is secured, Dover will provide audit packages for disposal facilities, waste management plans and submittals as needed. We offer site specific health and safety plans, specific task work plans, and any other documentation needed. We follow full compliance with the contract.

Pre Demo Clean Up DATA Center Building